Purchases That Make Millennials Feel like an Adult

According to a survey, 31 is the average age when most feel like they’ve reached adulthood, with 73 percent of respondents citing purchasing their first home as the event that marked their entry into maturity. Unsurprisingly, buying a car also figured as a prominent marker of adulthood, with 41 percent naming a car as the purchase that made them finally feel grown up.

 Perhaps less predictably, for a sizeable number, it’s buying household appliances that made them feel like an adult: buying a washing machine initiated 36 per cent into adulthood, while for others, it was a dishwasher (34 per cent) or even a coffee machine (32 per cent). Bizarrely, 28 percent of respondents felt all grown up after purchasing their first iron. 

 These answers may partly reflect how much different people had participated in household chores before they left home; for some, leaving for college was the first time they had to do their own cleaning and washing. But in other cases, it may be that the purely practical purpose of purchasing a household appliance makes it feel like a truly adult decision.

 Check out the top 10 results:

 1. House – 73%

2. Car – 41%

3. Washing machine – 36%

4. Dishwasher – 34%

5. Coffee machine – 32%

6. Lawnmower – 31%

7. Iron – 28%

8. Vacuum cleaner – 22%

9. TV – 18%

10. Oven – 15%