Things that Stress Out Millennials

A survey found that three out of five millennials say life is more stressful now than ever.  Find out what’s behind all their anxiety with this list of The Top Things that Stress Out Millennials.

  • Starbucks baristas who can’t correctly spell the fake name your parents made up to make you “stand out.”

  • Netflix potentially losing “The Office” AND “Friends”.

  • Uber drivers who expect five-star ratings when they didn’t even provide energy bars.

  • There’s not enough natural lighting to Instagram their spinach salad.

  • Those days when they have to get out of bed before noon.

  • Tide ignoring calls for an avocado-flavored pod.

  • Having to spend more than five seconds talking about something other than themselves.

  • Democratic presidential candidates who aren’t “woke.”

  • Having to pay for music.

  • Trying to live a normal, productive life while also avoiding “Grey’s Anatomy” spoilers from Season 3 on.

  • The horror of going to brunch and then finding out the mimosas aren’t bottomless.

  • Employers not recognizing the value of a college degree in intersectional gender studies.

  • When things are not “amazeballs.”