Men Who Act Less Interested in Sex Are More Successful with Women

Men looking to increase their chances of success in the bedroom should act like they’re not interested in sex, according to a new study.

 Researchers found that men who are “overly eager” do not “come across as attractive” to women, which is why men who are interested in having casual sex tend to act less interested – and are more successful in doing so at getting what they want.

 By contrast, when it comes to dating women tend to act more interested in sex than they really are, according to psychologists from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

 Professor Leif Edward Ottesen Kennair said: “We think this may be to keep the man’s attention a little longer.” This, in turn, might give her more time to assess whether she really finds the man attractive.

 Kennair said the results suggest that flirting is a tactical game where signals are constantly being interpreted between potential sexual partners.

 And the study also contradicts stereotypes that men are cocky while women are usually more coy. Instead, both men and women tend to act more reserved when they know they are attracted to someone.

 In addition, the study found that women are usually the ones to set the boundaries of casual encounters because they’re less likely to be initially interested in having sex.