Twitter Doesn’t Represent the Average American

A new study of about 3,000 Twitter users found that there are some pretty significant differences between the average person on Twitter and the average American.  Here are four big findings from the study . . .

1.  Twitter users are younger.  They have a median age of 40, while the median age of all U.S. adults is 47. 

2.  Twitter users are more likely to have a college degree.  Believe it or not, 42% of people on Twitter have at least a bachelor’s degree, compared to 31% of all adults in the U.S.

3.  Twitter users make more money.  41% say their household income is above $75,000, compared with 32% of all U.S. adults.

4.  Twitter users are more likely to be Democrats.  36% identify as a Democrat, compared to 30% of all American adults.  On the flip side, 21% of Twitter users say they’re Republican, compared with 26% of all U.S. Adults. (Pew Research Center)