Rejected Jeopardy! Categories

James Holzhauer is kicking Daily Doubles and taking names. On his fourth day on Jeopardy! two weeks ago, Holzhauer easily crushed Jeopardy!’s one-game winnings record of $77,000, pulling in $110,914. He’s since passed $1 million in earnings and crushed a few more records on the way. Since Jeopardy!‘s been in the news lately, we thought it was a good time to explore some categories you won’t be seeing.


  • Impotent Potables

  • What I’m Thinking Right Now

  • Too Long of a Title to Even Fit on the

  • Things Better Suited to Family Feud

  • Rhymes with “Duck”

  • People You Want to Hit with a Rake

  • 36-Letter Words

  • Euphemisms for Your Thingy

  • Stuff You Really Have No Freakin’ Business Knowing

  • Your Computer Passwords and Security Questions

  • Where You See Yourself in 5 Years