Signs You Have an Awful Administrative Professional

Today is the day we celebrate Administrative Professionals.  But not all of them deserve it.  Here are The Top Signs You Have an Awful Administrative Professional.

  • She refuses to “whore it up” on Casual Fridays.

  • When you ask what’s on today’s schedule, he snaps, “You being a d-bag.”

  • She always flirts with the FedEx guy.  And dammit, he’s yours!

  • She wants to make it to the top through hard work and perseverance, not by sleeping her way there.

  • She’s taking next week off to mourn all the Avengers who will die in “Endgame”.

  • He never forgets your wife’s birthday . . . because they’re sleeping together behind your back.

  • You warned them many times about the short skirts and revealing cleavage . . . but he dresses like that anyway.

  • She thinks every day is Bring Your Cats to Work Day.

  • He’s always outside smoking.  Crack.

  • He spells your name wrong more than a Starbucks barista.