Email Etiquette Tips

Most of us have been using email for over 20 years.  And you still might be doing it wrong.  Here are five email etiquette tips to follow . . .

1.  Don’t “reply all” unless you really need to.  Does everyone on the email chain really NEED to see your response?  Sometimes they don’t, and it saves them time.

2.  Double check your attachments.  Get in the habit of stopping whenever you type the word “attached,” and immediately attach it.  Don’t wait until you’re done writing, or you might forget.

3.  Try to reply within 24 hours.  If it’s gonna take longer than that, send a quick email that says you don’t have time to respond in full, but will later.  Or if you know you’ll be away from your computer, put your out-of-office on.

4.  Make your work emails more formal.  Like instead of starting with “hi” or “hey,” start with “good morning” or “good afternoon.”  Especially when you’re emailing someone at another company.  And make sure your subject lines are professional too.

5.  If you’re emailing another country, read up on their etiquette standards.  For example, it’s considered polite in Japan to ask about the weather in the first sentence of an email.  And it’s impolite to “cold” email someone if you haven’t talked yet.  (Glassdoor)