Study Explains Science of Crunchy Foods

Even strong-willed individuals can’t eat just one chip. Although the snack’s high salt and fat content make them irresistible, researchers found another reason it’s so easy to devour a bag of sour cream and onion spuds–and it has nothing to do with taste. People are more likely to eat more chips when they’re labeled “crunchy,” according to a study.


Scientists found that study participants consumed more chips and candy while watching a movie when their snack bags were labeled as crunchy. They also discovered it takes more than just good marketing to make people overeat. People also consumed more chips from their “crunchy” labeled bags when they weren’t distracted by wearing headphones and better able to hear the sound of their snacks. Essentially telling you that something is crunchy makes you pay attention to the sounds of your food, which increases enjoyment.