Surviving Spring Allergies

 It’s spring, which means it’s also allergy season.  Here are five tips on how to avoid it as much as possible . . .

1.  Take a shower.  You might want to consider showering twice a day for the next few weeks . . . or at least showering at night instead of in the morning.  That way you’re not bringing any pollen from your body or hair into your bed each night.

2.  Wipe your face.  If you’re going to be outside a lot, carry a wet wipe and use it on your face and hands to get some of the pollen off.  And rinsing your nose with a saline solution will help get rid of pollen in your nose.

3.  Stay hydrated.  Dehydration makes allergy symptoms worse, so it’s important to drink more water and stay hydrated.  Things like green tea and ginger tea can also help with allergy flare ups.

4.  Don’t open windows.  When the weather’s nice we want to open windows and patio doors, but that also lets pollen in.  If you’re going to do it anyway, look into getting a device that filters pollen and allergens from the air.

5.  Look at the clock and the weather.  Pollen levels are usually higher in the early morning and at dusk, so avoid going outside then if you can.  And the best time to be outside is when it’s raining or just after it rained.  (USA Today)