Survey Finds Most Common Reasons Guys Haven’t Proposed Yet

If you’re wondering why your significant other hasn’t proposed yet, take comfort in knowing you’re not alone. According to a new survey of 1,000 men, guys’ top reasons for not getting down on one knee have more to do with them than you.

 It seems that men’s finances are some of the biggest deciding factors in delaying a proposal. Twenty-seven percent of men said their income and future earning potential was preventing them from proposing, 26 percent said that their own debt was a factor, 17 percent cited the cost of a wedding, and another 17 percent cited their partner’s debt.

 Honestly, pretty understandable when you think about how the average wedding cost is $44,000, according to a BridesAmerican Wedding study.

 The survey also revealed that 50 percent of men said finding the perfect ring was a major source of pressure, and 40 percent of guys said their partner’s ring expectations were too high.

 When it came to actual proposal considerations, the men said their top three considerations were length of the relationship, partner’s health and lifestyle, and finances. Interestingly, divorced guys ranked the quality of their sex life higher over the length of the relationship.