Sunday Is National Beer Day . . . But in a Way, Isn’t Every Day?

Sunday is National Beer Day.  And the date actually isn’t random.  On April 7th, 1933, FDR took the first major step toward ending Prohibition and signed a law that would allow people to brew and distribute beer in the U.S.



Anyway, maybe Sunday would be a good occasion to have a beer.  What’s that?  You were going to drink 10 of them anyway?  Well that’s lucky timing.



A survey in honor of the holiday asked people who drink beer how many they put down during the average week.



65% have one to four beers a week . . . 18% have around one beer a day . . . 12% have more like two or three a day . . . and 5% put down more than 21 beers a week, which means an average of more than three a day.