Creamy Versus Smooth

What It Says About You If You Prefer Smooth Peanut Butter

Now is as good a time as ever to settle an ages old score: smooth peanut butter, or crunchy peanut butter? Well, in a sheer numbers game, it would appear that smooth has crunchy beat — 49 percent of Americans prefer their peanut butter smooth, while 29 percent want theirs as crunchy as possible (and the rest have no preference), according to new research.

 Smooth peanut butter eaters self-reported as being more introverted, while crunchy peanut butter eaters tend to be more extroverted. The new study of 2,000 American peanut butter eaters found that for all their differences, peanut butter eaters agree on at least one thing: their peanut butter eating method. Sixty-three percent of respondents prefer to eat their peanut butter right out of the jar with a spoon.

 Smooth peanut butter eaters are:

 ·        More introverted

·        More risk-averse in their personal and work life

·        More likely to avoid confrontation

·        More likely to arrive to work early

·        More likely to prefer staying in on a Saturday night

·        More likely to be dissatisfied in relationship

·        More likely to be rational with love

·        Stressed out more easily

·        Fans of The Big Bang Theory

·        More likely to get more speeding tickets

·        More likely to book a spontaneous trip and leave the same day

·        More likely to bail on plans

·        More hesitant


Crunchy peanut butter eaters are:

 ·        More extroverted

·        Bigger risk-takers in their personal and work life

·        More likely to lean in to confrontation

·        More likely to arrive to work late

·        More likely to prefer going out on a Saturday night

·        More satisfied in love life

·        More likely to believe in love at first sight

·        More goal oriented

·        Fans of Game of Thrones

·        More likely to have been skydiving

·        More likely to run marathons

·        More likely to file taxes late

·        More confident