FAQ about the Flat Earth Cruise

The Flat Earth Cruise Wants to Sail to the Edge of the World In 2020. Despite real, scientific evidence to the contrary, the Flat Earth Society is continuing its quest to convince the world that spherical planets are a hoax and the earth is flat. In 2020, they’ll bring their message to the seas with a cruise they promise will be “the biggest, boldest, best adventure yet.”

  • Are there sea monsters that far out?

  • Do you have “Sailing-Over-the-Edge” insurance?

  • Does the buffet include all the Kool-Aid we can drink?

  • Do you accept magic beans as payment?

  • Will we be making a stop in Atlantis?

  • Are we going the whole way around the perimeter?

  • Does the person who steers the ship believe this crap?

  • Is this a real cruise, or does it take place on a Hollywood sound stage?

  • Have the society members been eating lead-based paint chips?

  • Will I be free to present some of my own theories?

  • What if the cruise awakens the Frost Giants?

  • If we pay extra, can we sail to the moon?