Which Pastas Go With Which Sauces?

 Here’s something you might not know:  The type of pasta you use . . . like spaghetti versus fettuccine . . . should depend on the type of sauce you’re using.

When you pair the wrong sauce with the wrong noodle, it can slide off too easily, so you don’t get the right amount of flavor in each bite.  And it can affect the taste in other ways too.  Here are five types of pasta, and the best sauce to use, according to chefs . . .

1.  Spaghetti works well with tomato-based sauces.  So you’re doing that one right.  Linguini and angel hair pasta are also good choices.

2.  Angel hair pasta is the best option for seafood sauces.  Thinner, lighter noodles match the lightness of the sauce a little better than other pastas.

3.  Fettuccine goes best with a light cream sauce, like alfredo.  So that’s another one you’re probably doing right.  Spaghetti is pretty versatile though, and also works well.

4.  Penne and other tube-shaped pastas go best with sauces that are really meaty.  So if you like a lot of meat in your spaghetti sauce, penne might be the better choice.

5.  Corkscrew pastas like rotini and fusilli go best with pesto.  The grooves hold onto the oil and herbs a little better. (Delish)