Five Things To Look Forward To In April

It’s April 1st!  Despite waking up with snow on the ground, here are five things to look forward to this month!

  1. Lots of big sporting events.  The Final Four is this Saturday, and the Championship Game is next Monday.  Also, the NHL playoffs start April 9th . . . The Masters starts April 11th . . . and the NBA playoffs get started on April 13th.
  2. The Coachella Music Festivalkicks off April 12th, and the second weekend starts April 19th.  You can stream it on YouTube.  (Then Stagecoach follows on April 26th.)
  3. “Game of Thrones” is FINALLY back.  The final season starts April 14th.
  4. Two big comic book movies are coming:  The new R-rated“Hellboy” reboot hits theaters April 12th.  Then “Avengers: Endgame” comes out on April 26th.
  5. The holidays: Easter is April 21st.  So you’ve got lots of chocolate to look forward to.  And also . . .

. . . National Burrito Day is April 4th.

. . . National Beer Day is Sunday, April 7th.

. . . National Siblings Day is April 10th.

. . . Wear Pajamas to Work Day is April 16th.

. . . And Earth Day is April 22nd.