Things that Annoy Uber Drivers

Uber is making drivers take a wage cut.  So we can add that to this list of The Top Things that Annoy Uber Drivers.

  • People who only give you a good rating if you play dubstep.

  • The fact that they have a master’s in comparative politics from Yale.

  • Robert Kraft making them wait outside for 15 minutes while he gets a “massage.”

  • The overweight couple in the backseat just completed foreplay.

  • Seeing that their passenger’s destination is Detroit.

  • When someone jumps in and yells, “Follow that cab!” and suddenly you’re on an international spy adventure when all you wanted was some drinking money for the weekend.

  • People who don’t tip.  Also, people who don’t eagerly agree to check out your improv troupe.

  • Drunk white girls who . . . nope, that’s it.  Just drunk white girls.

  • Passengers who don’t want to hear their side about why they lost custody of their kids.

  • Everyone assuming they’re a sex offender, just because they happen to have a long history of sexual offenses.

  • When they push to drive for 12 hours and then discover they’re out of meth.

  • That puke smell just never completely goes away.

  • Traffic laws.