Top 5 Uses for Digital Assistants

A new survey found 27% of Americans now have a virtual assistant, like an Amazon Echo or Google Home.

Here are the top five things we use our digital assistants for . . .

  1. To play music or listen to podcasts.  66% of people who own a digital assistant do it.
  2. Set alarms or reminders, 56%.
  3. Get updates on news, weather, or sports, 48%.
  4. Control appliances, or turn lights on and off, 31%.
  5. Communicate with people, like having it send an email or make a phone call, 29%.

The survey also found men are slightly more likely to own a digital assistant.  54% of owners are men, and 46% are women.

And obviously young people are more likely to be early adopters:  44% of owners are between the ages of 13 and 34.  Only 26% are over 55. And of course you can always play Big Froggy 101.1 on your smart device 😉