Moviegoer Questions about James Bond 25

We still don’t know what it’s called or who the cast is, but James Bond 25 has allegedly started filming. MI6 HQ reports that a sequence in Norway will be shot in the Nittedal municipality until April 2nd.  We still have so many questions…


  • Is he still being played by a white dude?

  • Has Bond finally learned to resolve conflicts without violence?

  • So with Brexit, can he even leave England?

  • Is it too late to bring back Roger Moore?

  • I forget-is this part of the Marvel or the DC cinematic universe?

  • Are they using the fanfic script I sent them?

  • Can’t he ever just have the damn martini stirred? It’s so much easier!

  • Is this the Lego version or live action?

  • Can he please team up with a lovable police dog?

  • Isn’t it time for him to move up to 008?