Top Robert Mueller Tweets

Now that he’s completed his two-year investigation, what will special prosecutor Robert Mueller do next?  Get an idea of what he might be up to with this list of The Top Robert Mueller Tweets.

  • Done in two years.  Take that, George R.R. Martin!

  • Excited to announce next collusion investigation:  Chris Christie with Hometown Buffet!  #NeverStopWorking

  • Hit me up, Robert Kraft . . . I could use a massage.

  • @GeorgeLucas: any tips for handling disappointed fans?

  • What’s with all the middle fingers I’m getting from Democrats?

  • Been out of the loop for a few years; why’s everyone glaring at me when I crank Michael Jackson?

  • Trust me, I’ve heard your “Mueller Time” joke before.

  • Time to take a long vacation and do some “colluding” with the missus!

  • Whoops, I forgot to give the Justice Department the folder with all the incriminating evidence.  #MyBad

  • Finished just in time to start working on my summer bikini bod.

  • Now I’d like to probe Ivanka.  #HeyGetYourMindOutOfTheGutter

  • Now I can focus on investigating the biggest threat facing this country: celebrities bribing their kids into college.

  • Why does the feminine hygiene aisle at Safeway remind me of Don Jr.?

  • I changed my mind.  I’m indicting one more person:  Trump’s barber.

  • Heading back to Salem to keep hunting witches.

  • I did the country a big favor.  Did you REALLY want a President Pence?