Reasons We Love Spring

Spring officially arrives today!  Find out why everyone is excited with this list of The Top Reasons We Love Spring.

  • Baseball’s about to start.  And you’re about out of sleeping pills.

  • “Game of Thrones” fans give those stupid “Winter is coming” jokes a rest.

  • Spring rain makes the ground soft, which makes it much easier to dig shallow graves in your backyard.

  • Even if you’re a Baltimore Orioles fan, you still technically have a shot at the playoffs.

  • You enjoy annoying everyone you see with your annual “Happy Vernal Equinox” greeting.

  • Granny broke out her booty shorts!

  • The birds are singing almost as much as Michael Cohen is to prosecutors.

  • The flowers smell so good, you can overlook the competing smell of thawing dog poop.

  • You get to walk outside every day and feel the sunshine on your face . . . if your name isn’t Paul Manafort.

  • Wearing pastel pink really brings out your prison tats.

  • It’s the perfect temperature to go outside and be on your phone the whole time.

  • Hotter temperatures mean your uncle will shut up for a while about global warming not being real.

  • Two words:  Halter tops.