Women Reveal the Worst Things Men Have Done on First Dates

He asked how many people she’d slept with. “I had a first date that was going really well-and then he asked me how many people I’ve slept with, when the last time I’d had sex was and how it came about. No second date.” -Charlotte J.

 He kept calling his mom. “A first date came to my house as I’d offered to cook dinner, it was all going romantically and wonderfully until he kept vanishing to the kitchen every 30 minutes to call his mom and let her know how it was going.” -Olivia T.

 He said horrible things about a woman he didn’t know. “I was meeting a guy on a hot day, so we went to a large park for our first date. I couldn’t see him in the parking area so called him. He said, “See that fat mess walking across the park in a neon top that she shouldn’t be wearing? I’m in the red BMW near her.’ Insulting a stranger-first red flag. Red BMW-second red flag.” -Kelly S.

 He invited his ex-girlfriend?!?! “First off, he didn’t tell me it was a date. I legitimately thought we were just hanging out and playing Scrabble because he asked me to via Twitter. Then he invited his ex-girlfriend to hang out with us, which I later found out was his way of showing her he had moved on. I felt used.” -Dylan, 23