Are You a Narcissist? Things You Should Ask Yourself.

The Conversation Is Always About You. If you find yourself changing topics to revert back to something you were saying, or if you aren’t listening attentively to other people’s problems and are more focused on sharing your own, it could mean you have narcissist tendencies. (Either way, it’s extremely off-putting.)

 People Love You. If you believe you make a powerful first impression where people literally flock to you, you could have underlying narcissistic qualities.

 You Expect Others to Put Your Needs Before Their Own. When it comes to friends and family, you’ve always put your needs above theirs. Then, even after you’re in a romantic relationship, as a narcissist you’ll still have a habit of putting your own needs first.

 You Are Always Right. Well, if you think your opinion is always right, why wouldn’t you expect others to adjust to your wants and needs? As a narcissist, you state your opinions more as a fact than a point of view.

 You Can’t Take Criticism. If you’re unable to tolerate even the gentlest constructive criticism, that’s a problem. Sure, most people don’t like criticism, but narcissists are “hyper-sensitive” to it.

 You Must Be More Successful Than Those Around You. Have you noticed that you only feel successful if those around you are doing worse? Do you have a sense of entitlement that you should be more successful than others? If you feel like you and your partner can’t be successful at the same time and are constantly making sure you’re doing better, you may be a narcissist.