Albert Einstein Fun Facts

In honor of today being Albert Einstein’s Day, please enjoy this list of The Top Albert Einstein Fun Facts.

  • Thanks to his 160 I.Q., Felicity Huffman didn’t have to bribe anyone to get him into college.

  • He wrote his first essay on theoretical physics when he was 16.  Altogether, now:  NERD!

  • He was born in Germany, but became a star in America.  Like Heidi Klum!

  • His ultimate goal was to have his face on the dorm room wall of every pretentious college student.

  • Every year until he was 19, his father at tax time called him a “brilliant deduction!”

  • His favorite scientist was Galileo.  A close second was the guy on YouTube who mixed Mentos and Diet Coke.

  • He needed at least 10 hours of sleep a day, so he would have loved C-Span.

  • He never learned how to swim.  But then, Michael Phelps never learned to explain the universe.  So, it’s a wash.

  • He didn’t produce anything of significance during the later years of his life, just like the Rolling Stones.