Growing Number of Americans Like Traveling Alone

A growing number of Americans like traveling alone, with a new survey from Travelex finding that 22 percent said they only travel solo, and 44 percent that traveling by themselves is something they’d like to do a lot more of in the future. Being more likely to do something different was given as a major reason for traveling alone, with 57 percent saying they’re more likely to go out of their comfort zone when doing so, and 45 percent saying that traveling with someone holds them back. The top concern given when traveling with someone else is that the other person may not want to do something you do, followed closely by the other person wanting to do something you don’t want to. Others said they’d be concerned about getting on each other’s nerves. When asked about the drawbacks of traveling alone, the top concern was safety, named by 52 percent, and 49 percent also worried they’d get lonely. The top seven things that they’d be more likely to do when traveling alone were: go to local markets and shops; take photos/videos; talk to locals; be spontaneous; take public transportation; check out the nightlife; and take part in local customs/traditions. (New York Post)