A Guy Won $273 Million in the Lottery, and His Ex Still Doesn’t Want Him Back

How much would you have to be paid to get back together with an ex you HATED?  Is $1 million enough?  How about a quarter of a BILLION dollars?



A 54-year-old guy in New Jersey named Mike Weirsky hit the lottery this month for $273 MILLION.  You might have heard about him, because he almost lost his ticket.



He forgot it at the gas station where he bought it.  Then he went back the next day, and someone had turned it in to the lost-and-found.  So now he’s trying to track the person down to reward them for it.



Anyway there’s another wrinkle to the story, because he recently got divorced.  And his ex-wife just did an interview where she said she’d STILL never get back together with him.



Her name is Eileen Murray, and they were married for 15 years until their divorce this past October.  She made all the money, and he was a stay-at-home dad.  So she’s hoping he’ll, quote, “[do] the right thing” and toss some money her way.  Especially since she gave him a lot of money in the divorce, and she’s STILL paying alimony.



But when a reporter asked if she’d ever think about getting back together with him, she said no way.  Quote, “He’s not appealing to me all of a sudden [just] because he has this money.”