Men Reveal What Makes a Woman ‘Boring’

1. She doesn’t try new things. “My motto is to discover, learn and experience life. I want to learn something no matter how trivial. So a woman who just wants to punch the clock and never deviate from her everyday routine would bore me.”


2. She takes on my personality. “Another boring female thing? Cyphers. Meaning that they take on your personality and interests and likes. If I wanted to date myself, I’d date myself.”


3. She doesn’t have sex on the first date. “A woman who is attracted to a man but won’t have sex with them on a first date when they are eventually going to do it anyway… What are you waiting for? Boring.”


4. She only wants to spend time with me. “What makes women boring to me is only wanting to spend time with me doing traditional couple things. I prefer someone who wants to spend time with other people, both with me or without me, and always has something interesting going on. As long as it’s not an affair!”


5. She never stops talking about herself. “A woman who talks for 40 minutes about themselves on a date? That’s boring.”


6. Her text messages are bland. “The most boring thing about some women is when they fail to be engaging in conversation, especially over text. There’s nothing worse than matching with someone, then messaging, only get one or two-word responses.”


7. She’s glued to her phone. “While a woman might have an exciting life on Instagram, if she can’t keep off of her phone in real life, she’ll come across as boring. No guy wants to have to constantly deal with a woman who can’t put her phone down long enough to enjoy real life adventures.”