Things You Don’t Want to Hear at the Dentist

Today is National Dentist’s Day, so it’s a good time to check out this list of The Top Things You Don’t Want to Hear at the Dentist.

  • This drill has just had a mind of its own lately.

  • I just looked at your X-rays, and you might want to start playing the lottery.

  • Some Gorilla Glue and voila!  It’s like I never pulled the wrong tooth.

  • First in your class, last in your class . . . who cares as long as you get your degree, am I right?

  • Mind if I recycle your flakes of plaque into our homemade facial scrub?

  • Most of my kids don’t yell as loud as you.

  • I hate that easy listening crap you hear in other dentist offices.  I hope you like Norwegian death metal!

  • Gosh, I’ve never seen THAT before.  Hang on while I check YouTube . . .

  • Your mouth is going to pay for my kid’s college tuition!

  • I’ll get your teeth whiter than my Klan outfit.

  • I’m going to give you enough laughing gas, you’ll think Tom Green is funny.

  • I hate using the drill on “Vertigo Days.”