Fat Tuesday Fun Facts

Today is Fat Tuesday.  So there’s no better time than now for this list of The Top Fat Tuesday Fun Facts.

  • It’s forever associated with New Orleans.  Sorry.  That’s a Blown Pass Interference Fun Fact.  

  • If you don’t wake up from it in a pile of your own puke, you celebrated it wrong.

  • It marks the end of Carnival season and the beginning of Lent . . . which is weird, because everyone always seems so happy.

  • It’s also called “Mardi Gras,” which is French for “Nice jugs!”

  • Melania Trump spends the day praying her husband won’t flash his moobs.

  • It gets way more attention than Eating Disorder Saturday.

  • It’s one of only 365 nights a year that Bourbon Street ends up smelling like puke and pee.

  • Fat Tuesday is by far the most body-shamed holiday of the year.

  • Mardi Gras features balls, celebrations, and parade floats with dancers outfitted in outlandish costumes.  Or, as Elton John knows it, “Tuesday morning.”

  • It’s followed by Liver Tenderness Wednesday.