Having Kids Won’t Make You Happier (Unless You Have Plenty of Money)

If you’ve got friends who don’t want kids and love their childless existence, don’t tell them about this.  Because you’ll have to slap the stupid grin off their face.

A new study found that having kids doesn’t actually make you happier, unless you have plenty of money.  At least not in the short term.

Researchers looked at data from about one million parents over the course of ten years.  And they found having kids CAN boost overall happiness, but only if it doesn’t cause a ton of financial stress.  If it does, then your overall happiness goes down.

All the sleep you lose doesn’t help either.  A separate study just found that having a kid can mess with your sleep for up to SIXYEARS.  The first year is the worst . . . it peaks around three months in . . . and moms have it way worse than dads do.

Around the three-month mark, the average mom gets about an hour less sleep than before she was pregnant . . . compared to just 13 minutes of lost sleep for dads.

 One not-so-shocking stat from the happiness study:  Kids under the age of 10 add more joy to our lives than teenagers do.  Because that’s when they turn into little jerks who talk back all the time. (NY Post / The Guardian)