Fun Facts About Pigs

Since today is National Pig Day, please enjoy this list of The Top Fun Facts About Pigs.


  • They make adorable pets.  And by “adorable,” I mean, “delicious.”

  • 33% of them can build houses resistant to Big Bad Wolves.

  • They are VERY active in promoting veganism.

  • They can be found everywhere from Africa to Asia to the owner’s box of the New England Patriots.

  • Despite the adorable pudge, they can be extremely dangerous.  Just like Kim Jong-Un!

  • They’re still waiting patiently for a Miss Piggy sex tape.

  • Pigs are actually clean animals who have been wrongly stereotyped by a “Peanuts” character.

  • They squeal almost as much as former Trump associates.

  • Pigs have 15,000 taste buds whereas humans have 9,000, which is why most pigs prefer “artisan slop.”

  • There are two billion pigs on earth.  All of whom are just as apathetic about “The Masked Singer” as the rest of us.

  • Having one as a pet makes you the most interesting poet at the coffee shop.

  • When a pig introduces another pig in front of a crowd of pigs, he says, “Can I have a big SNOUT out for . . .”

  • Pigs don’t actually sweat . . . unless they hear the farmer tell his wife he’s in the mood for bacon.