Rejected Names for Breakfast Cereal-Inspired Beer

A Virginia brewery’s Lucky Charms-inspired beer evokes the breakfast cereal not only in its packaging, but in its use of marshmallows. Smartmouth Brewing Company sad the beer, dubbed Saturday Morning, will debut at its tasting room in Norfolk. The brewery describes the limited-edition IPA as “magically ridiculous,” a play on Lucky Charms’ “magically delicious” slogan. The design of the can is also evocative of the Lucky Charms box.

For such a profoundly stupid idea, they know they’ll need a really good name. Here are some that they’ve rejected.

  • Liquid Breakfast

  • Beerios

  • Cap’n Quaff

  • Dos-Icky

  • Count Drunkula

  • Bottom of the Barrel

  • Brew-Berry

  • Sugar Hops

  • Lepre-Can

  • Totaled