Parents’ Sleep May Suffer for 6 Years After Baby Arrives

Being able to say, “The baby is finally sleeping through the night” may offer a mental boost, but don’t count on getting more shuteye for at least six years, based on a new study that found parents were still sleep-deprived a half-dozen years after their bundle of joy showed up.

 The study, published in the journal Sleep, pored over the sleep patterns of more than 4,600 parents who’d welcomed a new baby. Not surprisingly, the first three months are the worst, sucking an average of an hour a night away from a new mom’s sleep, while new dads lost an average of 15 minutes, per a release.

 But when the little ones got to the ages of between 4 and 6, researchers found the parents were still sleeping less than they did before they’d conceived: 20 minutes less per night, on average, for the mothers, and (still) 15 minutes less for dads.