Post-Valentine’s Day Breakup Advice

Break-ups suck, especially for the person being dumped.  So here are four tips to make it less painful, according to relationship experts . . .

  1. Tell the truth, but don’t be cruel.  Be honest with them, just not BRUTALLY honest.  There’s no need to list all 101 reasons you don’t want to be with them anymore.  But you also don’t want to lie just to soften the blow or make it easier on yourself.
  2. Do it face-to-face, if possible.  In-person break-ups are by far the most considerate way to go.  Just try not to do it in public.  There are a lot of emotions at stake.  And it only makes it easier on you, not them.
  3. Be sure about it.  If you’re having second thoughts, it’s okay to wait and think a little more.  Because once you say those words, there’s no going back.  Plus, you don’t want to be in a situation where they feel like they can convince you to stay with them.
  4. If you dumped them, don’t keep checking in on them to make sure they’re okay.  It might seem like the nice thing to do, so they know you still care.  But it can just end up prolonging their pain, and prevent them from moving on.

Chances are, they’re angry with you.  So don’t force them to stay in touch.  And don’t give them any false hope that you might get back together