Men Secretly Really Care About Planning Their Wedding

According to new research, the old cliché of men taking a backseat throughout the wedding process is no longer applicable in modern times. Two in three married men say they were just as or even more excited than their spouse about their wedding day.

 The new study of 1,000 married men set to erase the stereotype that men don’t care about weddings and found that weddings mean more to men than previously thought.

 The survey also revealed the average married man spent 29 hours planning their wedding.

 And it wasn’t just in picking out a tuxedo – 58 percent said they had a hand in figuring out the budget for the wedding, with 32 percent saying they took the lead in that arena.

 Six in ten said they had a hand in who was invited to the event, with 27 percent saying they were the chief planner in that regard.

 Over 40 percent of married men also said they helped in reserving a venue, hiring the photographer, hiring the caterers, and booking the entertainment.