Choosing a Wedding Venue Causes Biggest Disagreement between Couples

A modern wedding now takes an incredible 528 hours – or 22 full days – of planning from engagement to the big day, according to new data. A study looked into the wedding planning journey of 2,000 people to find that hunting for the perfect wedding dress, deciding who will be in the wedding party, and arranging the catering ranked high among the most time-consuming elements of any wedding planning process.

 Planning a wedding is no easy feat but the majority of engaged couples were excited and happy (68 percent and 53 percent, respectively), while they planned their big day. However, for some, planning a wedding can be overwhelming. The average couple said they had four disagreements along the way, and even a few tears at times.

 But what are the wedding elements couples are prone to disagree about? For a quarter of those surveyed (25 percent) finding the right venue was a source of contention. Meanwhile, 18 percent of engaged couples clashed about arranging the catering and another 19 percent disagreed over who would be in the wedding party.

 Not all couples clashed during the wedding planning process, though. Turns out nearly a quarter (23 percent) had zero disagreements with their partner as they planned their big day. In fact, selecting save the date cards and picking the flower girl and ring-bearer were wedding features partners often agree on.