Suggested Bernie Sanders Campaign Slogans

“Not Me. Us.” is Bernie Sanders’ new campaign slogan.  But is that really the best option? Here are some others the candidate might want to consider.

  • Bernie Sanders:  Hurry, Before He Dies.

  • Make America Regular Again.

  • Hey American Fried Chicken Fans . . . It’s Time to Show Some Love for Another Grey-Haired Old Man Named Sanders.

  • You Want “Woke”?  I’m Up at 4:30 Every Morning, No Alarm Clock.  How’s That for Woke?

  • I Can Pay Down the Debt with My “Seinfeld” Residuals.

  • How’d That “Voting for Hillary” Thing Work Out For Ya?

  • Bernie Sanders:  Easily One of the Top 200 Democrats Currently Running for President.

  • Sanders:  He’ll Only Go to War with Kids Running Across the White House Lawn.

  • When the Call Comes at 3:00 in the Morning, He’ll Already Be Up Peeing.

  • Leave No Senior Behind.

  • Out with the Old, In with the . . . Older?