Five Interesting Facts About This Year’s Oscars

The BBC put out a list of some interesting facts about this year’s Oscars, and here are FIVE highlights:

1.  This is the THIRD time that Amy Adams and Christian Bale have starred in a movie together AND both received Oscar nominations for it.  They both were nominated for:  “The Fighter”“American Hustle”, and now “Vice”

Only Christian has won.  He got a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for “The Fighter”.

2.  Speaking of Christian Bale, he shares a birthday with Dick Cheney, who he portrays in “Vice”.  Christian was born on January 30th of 1974, and Dick was born on the same day in 1941.

3.  Mahershala Ali is the favorite to win Best Supporting Actor for “Green Book”

He won the same award two years ago, for “Moonlight”.  If he wins again, it’ll be the quickest an actor has won the same Oscar twice since Tom Hanks, who won Best Actor in 1993 for “Forrest Gump” and again in 1994 for “Philadelphia”.

4.  In both the Best Actor and Supporting Actor categories this year, four of the five nominees portrayed REAL people in their roles . . . Freddie MercuryVincent Van GoghDick Cheney, and George Bush.

5.  All four of the acting prizes this year could be for portrayals of lesbian, gay or bisexual characters.

Olivia Colman and Rachel Weisz played lovers in “The Favourite” . . . Mahershala Ali’s portrayal of Don Shirley included references to his homosexual encounters, while Rami Malek played Freddie Mercury, who was bisexual.

And there’s a very realistic chance of that happening.  They all won at the BAFTAs, and last year, the winners of the four acting categories were exactly the same at the BAFTAs and the Oscars. (Hit up to see the whole list.)