Slash Says Guns N’ Roses Are Working on an Album

There’s been talk that GUNS N’ ROSES has a new album in the works, and SLASH has KIND OF confirmed that, but he also said you never know what’s going to happen with Guns N’ Roses.



He said, quote, “Axl [Rose], Duff [McKagan], myself, and Richard [Fortus] have all talked about [it] . . .  there’s material and stuff going on already for a new record . . .



“It’s just, with [us], you don’t go, ‘Oh, there’s a plan, and it’s gonna be like this,’ because that’s not how it works.



“Basically, the only real answer to give is we’re HOPING to put a new record out, and we’ll just see what happens when it happens.”



There hasn’t been a new Guns album since “Chinese Democracy” in 2008, and the last time that Axl recorded original music with Slash and Duff was in 1991, when the two “Use Your Illusion” albums came out.  That was 28 years ago now.