What to Do When Your Partner Checks Someone Else Out

In a recent Reddit AskWomen thread, ladies shared their best advice from firsthand experience when they’ve caught their significant other checking out a beautiful woman.

 TRUST YOUR PARTNER. Yeah, I don’t think of it as caught since I don’t care if he does it. Attractive people exist and no shame in noticing them. He’s loyal so I don’t feel like I have to be controlling or shame him. -/u/Sunn1eBunn1e

 TAKE THE WAY HE’S DOING IT INTO ACCOUNT. Honestly, for me it’s all in the way it’s done. One guy I was with would see a girl go by, sit back in his chair, cross his arms and head turn follow her. It was embarrassing to me the way it would go down. Like have a little respect for her and me, you’re 40 and you look like a fool. -/u/perfume-and-whisky

 FEEL FREE TO TAKE PART IN IT WITH YOUR PARTNER. We check women out together, I’ll see a girl with a nice ass and tell him about it. I do the same with guys too so he knows that it’s a momentary thought and is gone as soon as we pass by the person. -/u/annnabear

 REMEMBER THAT IT’S ONLY NATURAL. I don’t expect him to stop noticing attractive people because we’re together. He’s married, not dead. -/u/Magnolia_o