Signs You’re Too Old to Be Driving

It’s unlikely that we will ever be under the kind of public scrutiny that Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, receives. Having crashed his Land Rover Freelander back in January, and only a few days later causing an uproar for having been seen driving without his safety belt, the 97-year-old Prince has decided it is time to hang up his keys.  

  • You’ve shrunk to the point where you have to reach up to touch the wheel

  • You still signal with hand gestures

  • You have poor night vision, and you consider “night” to be anything after 4pm

  • Your left blinker’s been flashing since 2005

  • Your great-great grandkids keep trying to take your keys

  • Your method of braking is to just slam into another car

  • You narrowly avoided hitting your neighbor-s cat – while it was in their living room

  • You’re only driving because you’re too old to walk

  • Gas pedal, brake…it’s all the same to you

  • Neighbors nicknamed your car “The Deathmobile”

  • You can’t go more than a block without having to pee