Men Care More about Valentine’s Day than Women, Says Survey

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, it seems many Americans may be heading for failure. A new survey finds nearly 60 percent of people give their partner an F grade when it comes to bringing the romance on February 14.


The study, which looked into gift expectations and plans surrounding the big day, uncovered that the average person rates their partner at just 52 percent – an F-grade equivalent – when it comes to the effort they put into Valentine’s Day. Shockingly, just 15 percent of those surveyed would grade their partner an A.  According to the survey, 70 percent of people said getting a Valentine’s Day gift was still very important to them. But with so many people receiving a failing grade from their partner, what are the gifts that people actually want this year?


Respondents selected a romantic dinner, chocolate, flowers, a massage and a home-cooked meal as the top five gifts. Jewelry, a trip to an exotic and/or warm weather locale, a spa package, a stay-cation at a local hotel and tickets to a comedy show rounded out the top 10.


The survey also found that men were surprisingly more demanding than women when it comes to Valentine’s Day expectations. More than half of the men polled admitted that they expect their partner to make a maximum effort in getting them a Valentine’s Day gift this year compared to just 36 percent of women who expect the same amount of effort.