Tips for Hosting an Epic Super Bowl Party

Are you hosting a Super Bowl party Sunday?  If so, we can help make sure it rocks with this list of The Top Tips for Hosting an Epic Super Bowl Party.

  • Declutter your house . . . by sending your wife to her sister’s place.

  • Load up the snack bowls with chips, salsa, and chicken wings . . . and load up the bathroom with Febreze.

  • Have a variety of chips.  Potato, tortilla . . . and Larry Wilcox

  • Install a metal detector in your front door in case any Oakland Raider fans show up.

  • Wear something that will make everyone laugh.  Like a funny hat, novelty glasses, or Jacksonville Jaguars jersey.

  • Play a drinking game where you take a shot every time the Patriots cheat.

  • Be sure to engage your guests in a lengthy discussion about players kneeling during the national anthem.  Because no one could possibly get sick of that topic!

  • Take away keys from anyone who’s had too much to drink . . . and also from that weird couple trying to swing with everyone.

  • Remember how much fun your Pro Bowl party was last week?  Just replicate that!

  • Invite a bunch of women.  And by women, we mean strippers.