Men Who Marry Out of Their League More Likely to Get Divorced

Thinking about the divorce rate before getting married can put a damper on your happiness, but it’s something you should consider before tying the knot. According to studies, men who marry women who are out of their league – that is, significantly more attractive than they are – may have less committed wives and a higher risk of divorce, experts say.

 People are understandably attracted to others who are out of their league-one recent analysis of online dating data indicated that men and women pursue prospects up to 25 percent more attractive than they are.

 Nonetheless, most people seem to have a fairly good idea of how attractive they are and whom they can expect to attract, research suggests, and largely maintain relationships with more similarly matched individuals. Most men don’t bat out of their league.

 But when couples do mismatch, the outlook is bleak. Women who report that their partners are significantly less attractive than they are, one study found, are more likely to flirt with others and report feeling less committed to the relationship.

 Other research suggests that physically mismatched couples may have shorter, less successful relationships, not because the more attractive party is less committed, but because the less attractive one is more prone to jealousy.