Survey Finds That Bird People Are Hot

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, a new survey by dog food brand Ollie has uncovered some interesting facts about pet owners. One of the most interesting tidbits? The fact that 10% of dog owners are more attracted to someone if they have a bird.

 The survey respondents were made up of nearly 500 dog owners down to share their opinions on all things pet-ownership and attraction. Other enlightening findings include the fact that 42% percent of people who are in a relationship or married say they love their dog the most, whereas 31% say they love their partner the most. When it comes to other pets, 33% of respondents said they would be less attracted to someone if they had a cat.

 Dog owners also seem more attracted to other dog owners. Seventy percent of single people said that they considered it a turn-on when someone’s dating profile included a photo of a dog. Thirty-four percent of singles have also tried using their dog to meet people (same), and 74% of people thought a first-date idea that also included the dog would be a fun idea.