Oprah Fun Facts


In honor of Oprah turning 65 today, please enjoy this list of  Oprah “Fun Facts”.

  • Chuck Norris once fought Oprah.  It was a tie.

  • Although she never explicitly told him to, Stedman always asks before going to the bathroom.

  • She has a forehead callus from face-palming every time Dr. Phil says something stupid.

  • Oprah doesn’t have a God Complex, God has an Oprah Complex.

  • When she’s feeling generous, she lets Phil Donahue clean her pool.

  • She spent almost 30 years in Chicago and somehow managed not to get shot.

  • She’s responsible for inspiring thousands of people to lose weight.  But unfortunately, she’s also responsible for saddling the world with Rachael Ray.

  • She’s made of so much money that whenever she hits a speed bump, gold bullion falls from her ears.

  • She revolutionized the modern talk show format, as did DNA tests.

  • Mentioning Ellen in her presence is a good way to get shanked.