Neat Tricks!

A Reddit thread yesterday asked: “What is your favorite ‘Holy crap this actually works’ trick?” Some of the replies include:

  • Was told to put my hand on the bottom of the steering wheel when backing a trailer because then whichever direction you move your hand, that’s the way the trailer goes instead of the opposite if your hand is on the top.

  • Listening to a song while reading along to the lyrics after the song’s been in my head all day will get it out. I don’t even know how many times this has saved my sanity.

  • Salt on anything sour. Makes it taste less sour and more sweet.

  • If your nose is stuffy and you can’t get it cleared just do 10 push-ups and it will clear right up. You can blow your nose over and over but for some reason this actually does a better job of clearing it up.

  • If you car has a dent pour boiling water on it then use a toilet plunger to pop it back into place. I saw it on Reddit a while back.

  • If you spill candle wax on a carpet, you can get it out by running an iron over it with a damp towel in between. I was so baffled I almost felt like spilling more wax.