Tips for Improving Your Finances

Do you want to get into better financial shape in 2019?  Luckily, we can help you make that happen with this list of The Top Tips for Improving Your Finances.

  • Get a better retirement plan than “I’m bound to hit it big on a scratch-off eventually.”

  • Build up your savings in case of a rainy day.  Or sunny day.  Or overcast day.  Or any day . . . because your sad butt is broke 24/7.

  • Cut back on frivolities like fancy dinners and colonoscopies.

  • Don’t take tips on picking tech stocks from a financial advisor who emails you from an AOL account.

  • The Dollar Store deodorant works just as well . . . as long as you don’t let anyone stand downwind.

  • Put one dollar in a jar every day, assuming you still have access to cash after your Bitcoin debacle.

  • Drain your bank accounts, fake your death, and move to Mexico.

  • Stop buying a cup of coffee that costs more than your car.

  • Four words:  Taco Bell Dollar Menu.