Study: Emotional Responsibility Of Being A Mother Damaging To Women’s Mental Health

Being a mom is a job that comes with no vacation time, and a new study finds it’s a job that can be damaging to women’s mental health. New research from Arizona State University and Oklahoma State University look at how “invisible labor” was impacting the feelings of mothers.

Nearly 90 percent of moms said they felt solely responsible for organizing schedules of the family, and about 70 percent said they were also responsible for other areas of family routines such as assigning household chores. A large portion of the women said they felt chiefly responsible for monitoring their children’s well-being and emotional sates.

The invisible labor or ensuring the well-being of children showed “strong, unique links” with women’s distress. One of the study authors, Professor Suniya Luthar says, “Research in developmental science indicates that mothers are first responders to children’s distress.

That is a very weighty job; it can be terrifying that you are making decisions, flying solo, that might actually worsen rather than improve things for your children’s happiness.” Overall, the findings suggest women who feel overly responsible for household management and parenting are less satisfied with both their lives and partnerships.