Signs You Joined a Bad Gym

Did you resolve to join a gym for 2019?  If so, hopefully you won’t recognize anything found on this list of The Top Signs You Joined a Bad Gym.

  • Their classes include “Quidditch.”

  • Your personal trainer isn’t even interested in knowing how bad you want it.

  • You leave covered in sweat.  And stab wounds.

  • Naked old men wander around the locker room.  And the weight room.

  • There’s always one dude watching you shower.  And you prefer LOTS of dudes watching you shower.

  • All the trainers fondly remember the Eisenhower administration.

  • The “Stairmaster” is just a rusty fire escape out back.

  • All the TV’s are set to The Food Network.

  • All the blenders at the juice bar are making margaritas.  (Sorry, that’d be a sign you joined a GREAT gym.)

  • Their logo isn’t a mean-looking bulldog with huge muscles.

  • There’s a smoking section.