Reasons You Don’t Subscribe to Netflix

Netflix is raising its monthly subscription prices.  We can add that to this list of The Top Reasons You Don’t Subscribe to Netflix.

  • You can see “Stranger Things” for free just by watching the news.

  • That’s 15 bucks a month less you can spend on scratch-offs.

  • YouTube offers just as much entertaining content, with the added bonus of that delightful Ray Liotta-Chantix ad.

  • Watching Netflix would require you to go home.  Home is where your family is.  Easy decision.

  • Until they add “Manimal”, what’s the point?

  • You like not being able to follow conversations with literally everyone else.

  • That R. Kelly video ruined the concept of “streaming” for you.

  • All your favorite shows are on that other channel.  PornHub.

  • You’ve been furloughed due to the government shutdown, so all you’ve been watching lately are your savings disappearing.

  • If you watch something without commercials, how are you supposed to know which stool softener is most recommended by leading doctors?

  • You’re still making your way through your VHS collection of “Police Academy”.

  • You’re mad because you’re the only person they haven’t given a standup special to yet.

  • Because your neighbor subscribes to Netflix, and you know his password.